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The Brinson Family Reunion committee along with our Florida family, is proud to host the 2024 Brinson Family Reunion in Tampa, Fl July 25th-28th 2024. Under the direction of the Brinson Family Reunion committee, we are working to make sure that this and every reunion is enjoyable and memorable. Below you will find important registration information for the 2024 Brinson Family Reunion in Chicago, IL.

Registration Info and Fees:

Our Brinson Family Reunion committee has worked hard and diligent to provide you with an action packed and memorable reunion while helping you to stay within your budget.

ADULTS - (Ages: 13 and Up)

TBA per adult*

BFR TAMPA 2024.jpg

CHILDREN - (Ages: 3 to 12)

TBA per child*

BFR TAMPA 2024.jpg

2022 BFR T-Shirt Order Form

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