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Help us build our family tree
We are in the process of growing an electronic Brinson Family Tree. To accomplish this we have enlisted the services of Geni, which is a private website to help our family to grow our family tree, preserve our history and share our lives before and after the family reunion If you haven't already joined . We are asking you to sign up now by clicking here or by entering the information requested in Geni below and start growing your/our family tree. Many have already joined and have started to help us grow  this large rich tree. Although the Historian committee, have many ancestral photos in their possession, we know there are others out there and would like to display them on this website. If you do have pictures please upload them to the Geni site. Please be sure to list the names of the people pictured, and the approximate date if you have that information. 




Help Obtain and Update Family Addresses and E-Mails
We the Brinson Family Reunion Host Committee strive to have the correct and most update contact information for our family, while we have a lot of your contact info,  we want to HAVE everyone's accurate contact information,  we want to be able reach out to EVERY generation of the Brinson Family and let them know that we would really like to see them at the reunions, but to accomplish this we need their contact info. Although many of us have access to a computer and have e-mail addresses, we only have record of a few email addresses, and several of those are out of date. We would like to be able to split our contact list into two lists: "mail contact" and "e-mail contact". This would greatly cut down on printing and mailing costs, and allow family members to choose the method of contact that best fits their lifestyle.
We are asking that everyone please make sure we have the correct contact information including your email address for you and your family by clicking here and adding or updating the information requested. By doing this, it will help the information committee to keep you updated with happenings and info on our family and reunion.
Thank to those who have already submitted your info, through your replies we have been able to update or obtain new addresses for over 35 family members! Additionally, we have been able to update genealogy information, especially in respect to birthdays that were not previously recorded. If you haven't had a chance to, please go to the link above and leave this info now.

Encourage Brinson Family Members to Attend
Everyone can help the reunion effort by spreading the word and encouraging our family members to attend! Although all family members (those we have addresses for!) will receive a written and electronic invitation, a personal invitation is always much more likely to influence them to come. Please reach out to your family and let them know we want them there.


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